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Do come in……

Hello, and welcome to my blog.

My book of prank letters to football clubs is now available to buy. The title of the book is ‘My Book of Absurd Letters to British Football Clubs by Struan J. Marjoribanks’ and it is published by Eat The Breed:

The book is available to buy now here

CHARITY: £1 of every sale
£1 of every sale on the Eat the Breed store will go to a great cause. Eat the Breed is supporting three great charities and anyone buying the book can choose which charity they want their £1 to be donated to. The charities are the Oscar Knox Appeal (NCCAUK), Tartan Army Children’s Charity, and The Adam Stansfield Foundation. Details here.

I can be followed on Twitter (@FSyme) or emailed (  I would love to hear from you or be followed by you (either virtually or maybe even in real life depending on how scary you are).



6 thoughts on “Do come in……

  1. Paul on said:

    Hi Fraser. I am an Evertonian and find your prank letter regarding the reclusive Tourettes sufferer’s angst, at not being able to take his son Daniel to Goodison Park, absoloutely hilarious. Thanks for a hysterical sidesplitting interlude. Keep up the good work, it may well lighten up the powers that be at such gatherings. Wonderful!

  2. Dave on said:

    Mate, your letters to the clubs have had me laughing my head off this evening. great stuff!

  3. J.C. on said:

    Fraser, I have to say that this is some fine literature that had me splitting my sides at times. Your creativity and tongue-in-cheekiness is hilarious and inspiring; cheers greatly for posting these letters up. Keep ’em coming!

  4. James Hardy on said:

    Fraser, these are brilliant mate! Great to see you’re getting some recognition on other sites too now. Keep it up!
    PS isn’t there a better wordpress theme you could use!

  5. This site is great. Found a link off Who Ate All the Pies regarding the “Absurd Arsenal” letters. Followed the links here. Keep up the great work!

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