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Promotional flyers for the book…

Here are some of @EatTheBreed1’s promotional flyers for the book as seen by next to nobody on Twitter:

old fans flyer

Two old guys dream about the book’s imminent release, or maybe they’re watching a fence being built by a man that they know…

Lennon Flyer

Neil Lennon had just resigned from his job as manager of Celtic (they’re in the book), so this was a topical one from Eat The Breed. Well done…

Farage crash final

Farage. UKIP. Some election or other. But look at the photo – the guy has just been in a helicopter crash and it has been caught on camera just how uncomfortable an experience that is…

The Banksy collection (sorry Banksy):


The classic Banksy ruined. Well done Eat the Breed…

Marjoribanksy flyer

Quite a simple and badly executed play on words/names…


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